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Tim's Birthday Gig

Absolute Blue, 1-15-6豊島会館B2F, 〒171-0021東京都豊島区西池袋

Tim will celebrate his birthday by playing his latest set of original music. He will be joined by Kanna Yabusaki on piano, Ai Uchida on drums, Motoyoshi Ozawa on bass and Ryan Boisselle on guitar. This is an afternoon concert, with the first set starting at 1pm and the second set from 2pm. Reservations and inquiries will not be taken by the venue so please use the contact form on this website to make reservations or inquiries.


Jazz at Caffe Nil

Caffe Nil, 行徳駅前1ー7ー9, 千葉県市川市

Tim and Kanna will play three thirty minute sets of jazz at Caffe Nil on August 25th. First set from 11:00 next set from 1pm then the last set from 3pm. There will be a tipping system, where you can buy a drink includes the tip. Come along and enjoy the atmosphere at this newly opened cafe.

Tim Bower Kanna Yabusaki duo with Mike Kime at Nut Point Center

Nut Point Center, 703 Old West Coast Road, Christchurch, West Melton

Once again Mike Kime will be joining Tim and Kanna for a concert of jazz standards and original music. This is the second time for the trio to appear at this venue. The concert entrance fee of $25 per person includes a light supper put on by John at interval. Tickets can be purchased by following the link below.

Tim Bower Kanna Yabusaki Duo with Mike Kime at Orange Studio

Orange Studios , 1063 Ferry Road, Christchurch, Canterbury 8023

The Tim Bower Kanna Yabusaki Duo will once again be joined by Mike Kime for a night night of jazz standards and original music at Orange Studio Christchurch. The trio will play their new set of original material which will be recorded live.


Tim Bower Quartet at Ichifes 2017

Yawata Ichiban Shotengai, 272 0021 2chome 14-15, Ichikawa Yawata

Once again this year the Tim Bower quartet will play at Ichifes. This year Riccardo Lovatto will be joining us on guitar as well as Motoyoshi Ozawa on bass and Ai Uchida on drums. The first set starts from 2pm and the second set starts from 5pm. Entry is free as this is a shopping mall festival.

The Tim Bower Kanna Yabusaki Duo with Jeff Curry

Cooljojo, 本八幡2-16-16クレール八幡B1, 千葉県市川市

The Tim Bower Kanna Yabusaki duo will once again be joined by Jeff Curry for a night of standards and originals at cooljojo Motoyawata. Doors open at 6:30pm and music starts from 7:30pm. The cover charge is 2500 yen plus a drink. The venue is in the basement below a shop which sells jeans. Look for the venue logo on the bottom of the flyer. please check the website for details.

Tim Bower and Kousuke Yokoyama Duo

Adlib Kannai, 231-0041, Yoshidamachi, Naka-ku

Tim will be playing a Duo with Kousuke Yokoyama. The two will be playing a mixture of jazz standards with a few popular tunes with jazz arrangements. 2000 yen entry plus drink.

This is the homepage of Adlib:

phone: 045-262-8111

Tim Bower Kanna Yabusaki Duo at the Ikebukuro Jazz Festival

 —  —

Ikebukuro Jazz festival, 1 Chome-1-8-1 Nishiikebukuro, 171-0021, Toshima, Tokyo

We will be playing a selection of our newest tunes for you. It's the second time for Tim to join this festival. We will be playing on stage 10 which is ミュージックスタジオ・フォルテ芸術劇店前 near Ikebukuro station. Please check this site for more details.